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Individual Sessions

This private coaching session is for you to release all the things troubling you, validate behaviors you have been experiencing, get your questions answered, and provide you with a judgment-free space to feel supported. This is not therapy because you will have an intentional goal to work towards.


  • 60-minute private session

  • Tips, Techniques, and Guidance on your relationship challenges.

  • Action Plans


While divorcing my narcissistic husband, I sought the help of Ralph. People don't understand that dealing with a narcissist is scary, like playing mind games if they've never encountered a narcissistic person before. With her knowledge and skills, she accurately predicted my soon-to-be ex-husband's behaviors to prepare me and taught me how to do the same. Ralph gave me the tools to know the signs and how to react when I notice them. The best technique I've learned that has helped me through this process is that no reaction is the best!

Kind Words



Alignment and Recovery™

This is a 16 week, of private coaching service to help you get back to a life you love after the impact of a narcissistic relationship. To do this, we have to get you back in alignment using my signature 6 step process.

You Get

Educate what you need to know about narcissistic abusive behaviors, how to manage the narcissistic person in your life, and get relief from the abuse to transform your expectations.

Personalized service is curated to teach you how to navigate your way to your desired relationship goals. Whether it's to leave or stay. A customized strategic plan to guide you through the toxic blowups, combat abuse, and more.


  • Weekly 1 hour Private virtual coaching

  • My signature 6-step process

  • Access to text communication in between sessions

  • 2 Follow-up calls after service is completed

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